N.k. Singh Memorial English Preparatory Secondary School which is successfully running beyond its over fifty years of age, possessively underlines the inceptive action towards the progressive knowledge of the moral and intellectual values as per its slogan. Having adorned by our late founder Principal N.K. Singh’s dignified visionary attitude towards the foundation of new education system, this institution has been adding more feathers to its wings of recent progress as dreamt by him on the merits which highlight the excellence of policies and programs for materializing such mission at all occasion in our school. Therefore, we generate the school’s mission which purely dedicates to its quality education and character building of the students. This is also the precious dream that our late founder principal N.K.Singh Sir had taken along with me and in order to fulfill that we have promptly taken initiatives to inculcate the value education into the mind of EPS students empowered not only with the academic competence but also with moral, intellectual and social fitness. 

We have never let down the momentum in giving the life sustainable skill based education which is also expected by every valued parents for their child. I assure that we have structured all the teaching environment in such a way that students from kindergarten to secondary level could have the eco-friendly learning atmosphere . So far we have been practicing various extra -curricular activities beside having collaborated with the reputed foreign educational institutes of Japan , China ,India and Pakistan and we enhance our friendship with them through exchange of cultural , traditional and educational knowledge . We also undertake our students in students’ self-established clubs and even participated in scouts to make our students more smarter and dynamic . Similarly, our students participate in Students’ quality circle for the leadership development making them expert in analytical , logical thinking and presentation.

Our students also enroll in virtual classes known by “ One Step Ahead” in collaboration with highly esteemed faculties from abroad like USA and India. Our school has achieved the accreditation of International school award from British Council and we have been connecting classrooms with different project activities affiliated to ISA school action plan . We are also running activities being tied up with “Karkhana” , one of the well-known skill based educators’ institute, where our students get exposed to transform their learnt knowledge to the creative outputs. I proudly say that we have produced many ex- students of our school known by EPSIANS working with good status and stature of their professional career in every corner of the world. Our school has always highly competent and experienced faculties who are always committed to achieving the successes of our school and every year they are trained to update with the latest knowledge of teaching methodology.

Hence, we endeavor in all aspects to enforce the ultimate mission of our school in developing the sense of self –determination, self -motivation and the sense of self-sustainability in students , which are evidently today’s base line of modern education. Thus, we are very sensitive towards strategic educational policy implementation and program performance for truly shaping our school mission.

Thank You

Pramila Singh

Founder Principal