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Foundation Day of EPS (2022)

About Us

N.K. Singh Memorial EPS School has completed almost five decades of its existence. Established in the year 1967, the institution’s contribution has been laudable and it has emerged as one of the leading education institutions of the country. Under the visionary personality of the late Founder Principle N.K. Singh, the school got perfect guidance of his in- born management skills and devotion to uplift the standards of education of his motherland.

core values

In EPS, students are expected to be industrious, disciplined, respectful, obedient and independent in order to drive maximum advantage out of their tenure in school.


We undertake the procedures to refine our students through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities besides primarily emphasizing the progressive academic success.


We believe in inculcating the values of self- discipline, self-determination and self-sustainability,, honesty, sincerity ,passion and patience in the mind of our young EPS students.


We aim at producing physically, morally and intellectually competent students every year so that they can serve the society and the nation with their utmost capability in the field whichever they choose.


EPS has a sheer vision to train and educate our students through all possible academic effort to emerge as the highly qualified brilliant students whose knowledge becomes compatible to the technically changing environment.


EPS believes in moral, mental and physical development of each and every students besides the need in academic excellence. - Pramila Singh

Modern Learning
and teaching method

EPS incorporates the latest learning and teaching methods that cater to the demands of the changing times. Its curricula are ever progressive and dynamic embracing the needs of the new era learners.

Participatory approach

At EPS, students are not passive learners. Here learning is experimental and hands-on. Everything that is taught is brought into student’s experience and they learn through observation, experimentation, and active interaction rather than the traditional read and write approach

Value Applied Education

At EPS, we strive to create a learning environment that develops students’ social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. this also helps to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative, and compassionate members of society.

In EPS, a team of well experienced, qualified and adequately trained staff members take care of the students. The medium of instruction is English. The fruit of its educators inculcation can be seen as almost all its school graduates make it to elite and professional colleges in Nepal and overseas in course and careers of their choice.


EPS has resourceful and well-managed library containing a sufficient collection of books. It allows you to consult and borrow textbooks, reference materials, journals, magazines and newspapers. The resource center has a collection of teaching materials both audio and visual aids, syllabus of all the label, exam model questions and hands out. Xerox machine, computer and collection of educational CD-ROMs make the center a place to be during the leisure time.

EPS School has a well-equipped science lab for conducting experiments of any sophisticated level. It has all the resources necessary for the practical classes of all the branches of science at school levels. It has been staffed with attendants and faculty members who are willing to set aside time for each students. The students carry out their practical lesson/activities under the supervision of the concerned teachers.

EPS is proud of having hi-tech computer lab furnished with recent models of PCs. Students get access to individual computers.  With Internet access through dedicated line, the door of information is open all the time to the students. Easy access to the Internet helps the students collect ultramodern and updated global perspectives of the courses taught in EPS.

EPS has a number of buses with comfortable seats to ensure reliable transpiration facility to its students at reasonable rates. The route covers the major points of Kathmandu Valley.

A good facility of separate hostels for boys and girls under the strict observation of responsible and experienced hostel wardens along with curricular activities like debate, poem competition, quiz contests, parents day and other activities of sports had made the boarders a better place to be in. Similarly, the provision of hygienic, nutritional food and frequent outings adds the feelings of homely atmosphere for the boarders here.

The school canteen/cafeteria serves nutritious healthy and fresh lunch and snacks to the staff and students.

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Life at EPS is a very engaging and enriching one. Every day students are very engaged in learning activities, in and out of the classrooms, that is aimed and designed to give them a holistic learning experience and also to address the interests they may have in other multi-intelligence area like music and movement, poetry, dramatics, and debate. The yearly school calendar is designed and planned to keep life in EPS

bustling with activities, where every EPSian is, engaged in purposeful enhancement of their potential in different multi-intelligence areas, throughout the academic year. And, of course, not to forget the exciting class –excursions, where the students get to live, explore and experience the curricula outside the classrooms. Recently, EPS has organised inter School World Cup Football Quiz 2022 in collaboration with Embassy of the state of Qatar in Kathmandu in which Ambassador of the state of Qatar to Nepal  H.E. Yousuf Bin Mohamed Al-Hail was welcome as the Chief guest along with other distinguished special guests. Twenty reputed schools from kathmandu enthusiastically participated in this quiz.


EPS is a garden of education where students blossom like flowers and are nurtured by teachers as gardeners. – N. K.Singh

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Sports Club

Science Club


Pramila Singh


Capt. Anil Shrestha

School Chairman

Rajendra Sharma



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Happy Students


Years Experience


June 09 at 09:00 AM

Paddington Hall

June 09 at 09:00 AM

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June 09 at 09:00 AM

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June 09 at 09:00 AM

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We encourage all our students to write the blogs and upload in this section.

Dr. Jayendra Bajracharya

EPSAA Medical Team

It was my greatest of luck to join EPS from where I did my high school graduation. I must thank EPS and my teachers who build the foundation of my career. I owe EPS and feel proud to render my service to the school being the coordinator of the medical team of the alumni association where dozens of doctors and medical professionals are having a great time and satisfaction serving our own school.

Deepesh Man Shakya

Batch 2048
Education BE, UET, Taxila Pakistan

As it was my first and last school. A part of my life I spent here had been wonderful. This is the place where I learned discipline and built the foundation to tackle the cruel world ahead. All the credit goes to our late principal who made sure that his students are capable enough to complete anywhere. I am no doubt proud to say I am a graduate of EPS, I would be more than happy to contribute/help EPS in its further development.

Dr. Tri Ratna Tuladhar

Post- doctorial research association, Cambridge University, UK

As an ex student of EPS, all I can say is let us all work hard to make EPS proud of us. Being a well wisher of the school and its reputation, all I can say to EPSIANs is make us all proud following the age old tradition of the school by achieving high flying colors in education and later in your chosen careers. The future stars of our school and nation and the world deserve more and the school has a responsibility and obligation in fulfilling their dreams by providing them the best available resources that we can lay our hands on.